How does the reward system work? How will it benefit me? Please explain.

The concept of reward system is basically to benefit the direct buyer and referred buyer and the entire process runs around three different possible scenarios.

Buy and Gain

Every voucher bought from will entitle the buyer for gaining incentives (That will be in virtual currency, which can be used for purchase from the website once it become equivalent to price of desired product or as partial payment and rest will be paid through other payment methods).

Gain on Referrals (After buying):

It is possible that buyer of any voucher might also know someone interested for same voucher in his/her circle. In that case, that person will send the referral to that person(s) and if those referrals respond/convert into business cycle, both parties will be entitled for incentives.

Gain on Referrals (Without buying):

It is possible that someone who is not directly a buyer but sees something which can be useful for someone in his/her circle, that person will send the referral to person(s). If those referrals respond/converts into business cycle then again both parties will be entitled for incentives.

Referee: If a person has been referred by someone else, still that will be entitled for some points according to the price of voucher/ deal.


The virtual currency shall be in hours and 1 PKR will be equivalent to 5 HOURS in virtual currency.


  • Incentives’ model will be applicable only to profitable deals not on promotional deals. The entire concept will be executed with buyers/ subscribers/ members only.
  • If any order is cancelled, reversed, returned or refunded at any stage; it will be reversed directly.
  • Hours can be cashed only on purchase of products (live deal) from only.
  • If Mr. X is approached by multiple users for same voucher at a time, reward system will work with the only email responded for that particular deal/ transaction.

Why is giving points/ incentives on referral? aims to move on to different channels of marketing, hence also reduce the impact of direct marketing and rather reach maximum people with the aim of pure incentives from the true and authentic platform of
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