Q1. What is this ‘Reward Points Program’ ?

A reward points program allows you to achieve points every time you shop with These points are converted into rupees which you can use to shop on the website.

Q2. How does this work?

The process is quite simple and it starts with your registration. Upon creating your account with the website, you will be awarded a bonus of 1000 points to kick-start your program. Additional points will be received with each purchase. You can redeem these points as currency..

Q3. Is creating an account the only way to gain points?

No. There is a two part system to the rewards points program which encompasses referring a deal to a friend. Once you refer any deal on the website to a friend and the concerned individual completes a successful purchase (complete transaction), both parties will be entitled to points. The one referring the deal will gain 3% of the amount paid (turned into points) and the one purchasing the referred deal will gain 5% of the amount paid turning into points.

Q4. How many points will I receive with my purchases?

A simple mathematical formula applies to the system whereby you will receive 1 Rupee for every 5 Points you achieve. 1 PKR = 5 Points

Q5. Can I redeem my points immediately?

Yes. Any amount of points can be redeemed to pay for your purchase or a part of the purchase depending on the total amount.

Q6. Is there a validity to the points in my account?

Yes. Your points are valid for 90 days. It is suggested to use the point within 90 days to ensure you benefit from the reward points program.

Q7. Can I redeem my points for multiple deals?

Yes. You can redeem your point for multiple deals depending on the total amount.

Q8. How can I check my balance?

Upon logging in, your account section will display your balance at all times.

Q9. Are my points tax free?

Yes. There is no tax deduction on the points.

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